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Shelf TV

Sector Tech Innovative


Create easily a network in retail and supermarkets


Shelf TV consist of a 7" screen and a built in media player with centralized   content management system through a tailor made GSM technology.

A Plug and Play advertising and communication tool



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Smart Screen Splitter

Sector Tech Innovative


Smart Screen Spliter is a media player that plays media HD files

from a memory card without the use of computer.



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Bar Code Messenger

Sector Tech Innovative

barcode_sample_03Make your products speak for "themselves"

Bar Code Messenger connects products with messaging with a smart and innovative way, and works as virtual promoter



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Open Frame

Sector Tech Innovative



Digital media player with 10.2"/17"/19" TFT-L

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Rear projection film

Sector Tech Innovative



A flexible, self-adhesive film that can be applied to windows or transparent partitions. This film provides crisp, brilliant images in high ambient light areas and from any viewing angle. RPF is easily cut to shape and size, is fast and easy to remove, and can be integrated with other window graphics.

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Sensor Talk

Sector Tech Innovative


Sensor Talk is a visitor welcoming chime that plays back your pre-recorded message on the internal flash when a visitor enters its detection area.


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