Digital Signage in Echedoros Municipality

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Alphavision in collaboration with the municipality of Ehedoros, activated and operates an information system for the citizens using and applying digital signage technology. Initially the system operates in the municipal offices of the departments that are the actual components of the total municipality, as information systems that rely on the actions of the local community and the municipality.

The dynamic content is updated according to a selection of messages the Municipality wishes to promote and messages of social character are also included. As a second phase the system will be expanded to other buildings in the jurisdiction of the Municipality with high visitation of citizens, such as Citizen Service Centres (KEP), Center of Care for the Elderly (KAPI) etc.

Digital Signage systems are perfect for governmental buildings, since they provide accurate and on time information about matters that concern the citizens. Alphavision solution provides the necessary tools to Echedoros Municipality, to reach its citizens loud and clear and most important, on time.